Create Your Very Own Light and Wellness Retreat

                                 in your Home or Spa 

                              We've Hacked all the Zen Learning Curve for You.  Just Enjoy.

Your very own Collection includes 1)one light infused sunset fine art print from Ben Winkler Photography 2)one Living Wellology Lifestyle Lamp and 3)one Peace Mat

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                                                                        Here's How!

  1. Yoga studios, chiropractors, hair studios, hotel lobbies, alternative healing centers, and many more: acquire any of our Large Size Fine art tranquility prints from our large selection! Available on numerous media: print, aluminum, acrylic, on wood, canvas fabric etc.! Contact us for quote & availability at #benwinklerphotography #yoga #yogastudios #shalas #meditation #chirpopractors #hairsalons #largesize #fineart #sunsets #sunrises #nature #tranquility
  2. Click the sunset above for light infused sunset choices from Ben Winkler.

Starting with the first thing your senses will discover as you walk into your Zen room is the light infused Paradise sunset you've chosen from the fine art collection of renowned European photographer, Ben Winkler who captures the lovelight always meant as a continuous gift from the sun to you.  Click on the photo for Ben Winkler Photography fine art sunset choices.

                       About Ben Winkler

Nicolya Christi, "As we approach the Age of Aquarius, we are starting to see the early signs of what will transpire to be incredible technological advances that will rapidly accelerate personal and global evolution. We will also begin to experience extraordinary medical advances which have the potential to eradicate illness and disease and extend the span of human life."

 Yes, I created a lifestyle lamp full of organic potential for you, your loved ones, pets and plants to life a life of vibrance, harmony and wellness.

Living Wellology Lifestyle Lamp


     It's a Lifestyle in Light at Home or Office

Choose your lifestyle to reduce stress, or one to give you energy to train for that 3k walk for charity, still better dial in anti aging or maybe you're a health nut who wants to infuse your water with nutrients! Meet the futuristic Living Wellology Lamp for home or workplace; and this is just several of many attributes of your new BFF!

More Living Wellology Lamp

 Your purchase comes with a month of Wellness Living mentoring from one of our Wellness Client Advocates .  Just wow!

  Ask for more details.  704-241-6103

 Lastly you notice your order includes your very own The Peace Mat, an organic, proprietary blend of goodness gifting to take you to a 20 minute place of peace and zen...ah rest from the day of chaos.  Easy, turn in on for getting to your peace; your pet will probably want to join you, hey even your mate.   

           More The Peace Mat

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