The Evolved Woman Retreats

               Retreating in Nature Together will take on a new meaning in 2017. More details soon.


How many times have you been on a retreat that left your breathless and then others where you reach all kinds of new heights in perception on life and love and meaningful experiences; yet, after a while it fades?  And too, you've probably met some awesome gals you really connect with and that fades, too.  So, what if we can create a retreat for you that touches your heart strings and communing with likeminded women,  that draws you to your edge for growth and then some and we capture the experience for you and your legacy? What if you bring your gifts to share with the women on retreat and you become a part of the offering?   What if your presence becomes part of a documentary of the spiritual, emotional aspects to the explorations in nature of the Divine Feminine and The Evolved Woman Retreats?  Stay tuned!  Happy2017!

 Living Wellology & The Light Retreat Remote are Teaming with Ben Winkler, Ben Winkler Photography to Create a Once in a Lifetime Memory & Legacy for the Over 50 & Fabulous Woman and Her Evolved Women Tribe in Nature Throughout 2017.  Carol Calvert

 The Concept of "Evolved Woman in Nature Retreats" was born during the Ben Winkler, Ben Winkler Photography October 2016 Charlotte shoots of Over 50 & Fabulous.  Carol Calvert, an holistic and energetic practitioner/expert and event creator for over 10 years has a motto, "if it moves humanity forward, then I'm all in."  Carol continued, "As I moved through the experience of watching Ben and his subjects (women over 50 ) involved in their shoots I saw time and again, Ben drawing the light within out to come and dance in the faces and body of these gals; and being a light and energetic worker myself, I knew we had to capture this experience in Sedona and other high light and energy places.  And then Ben and I, after a few days started brainstorming."   "What if", Ben said, "they collaborate and bring their gifts from medicine wheel to labyrinth, drumming, etc?"  And so it began.  We're thrilled to announce the very first Evolved Woman in Nature 2017 the last weekend in February (2/24-27/2017) 
Drum roll! Ben Winkler, Ben Winkler Photography (Faces of Silver) with a passion and heartfelt expertise for capturing the light within and bringing it forth for you to see and keep...will be accompanying us and photographing you in the light and energy of nature on these evolved women in nature retreats. Not only will you have your legacy keepsake of the experience, but also you'll also perhaps be featured in Faces of Silver Book Project  or in his documentary focused around these Evolved Women Retreats. Imagine...
Part of your being a part of these retreats is our request for you collaborate and bring your metaphysical, spiritual gifts to share and which, in essence you will create a living experience of each retreat in backdrops.  Join us on our first and subsequent retreats.  Our first  will be at the southern most OBX (Outer banks of NC), Shackleford Banks with 111 wild horses, shelling, Loggerhead turtles, and so much more. Yes, we will be camping. Bring on the Goddess fun!  Visit Ben's fine art captures of sunrises and sunsets and imagine his capturing you in that sunrise/sunset!
 Rescheduling.  Come back for dates.


We're looking for those evolved women who have interest in bringing their metaphysical gifts for a collaborative, evolved and spiritual weekend with Ben and Carol at OBX, Shackleford Banks, NC. the last weekend in February (2/24-27/2017)  

Message Carol at or text or call her 704-241-6103.