What exactly do we mean by a “LIGHT RETREAT”?

Light Retreat Amenities Include:

  • NEW Full Spectrum Light
  • pond for meditation, relaxation, fishing
  • vortex sites
  • medicine wheel
  • sit under the pyramid
  • owl box watching and other wildlife
  • grill out
  • meditation sites in and outside
  • small and large group events
  • holistic and corporate availability


Contact Carol for More Information & register for a Light Retreat Tour 

To put it simply, a Light Retreat is simply a block of time set aside to focus solely on you. The goal of staying with us at the Light Retreat is to get your life back on track or have the opportunity to simply transform it.

Usually, this means focusing in on a particular area of your life that feels out of place, determining what exactly you can do in your own life to fix it, and coming up with a specific plan for achieving that. At the Light Retreat we can assist you by having the right scenario for you to refresh and renew yourself so that you can actually attack that specific plan that you have developed.

A weekend works really well for this. The time spent between Friday afternoon and Monday morning includes two full days and three full nights of sleep, which provides plenty of time to think about goals, re-invent yourself, and move on from there. 

If your answer is YES to any of this questions, then we are the perfect place for you.

    • Do you just want to relax, like fully let go and feel your body get rejuvenated?
    • Do you want to get back in touch with your artistic and creative side?
    • Do you want to feel empowered in your body?
    • Do you want to reconnect to your spirituality or to God?
    • Do you want to feel invigorated and energized?

Your Accommodations at the Light Retreat

$75 per Night

 All Rooms at the Light Retreat Over Night are $75 (includes light breakfast!)  Call for Availability!

During Our 1-2-3 Day Retreats, We're Finding that Over Night Guests Love the Fact They Can Prepare a Meal or Have Coffee or Watch the Geese or Other Wildlife, Enjoy a Bonfire (and so much more) Together with Other Guests and The Instructor/Speaker!  Friendships Across Country are Being Created!  (Just Recently We had Cory from Minnesota, Deanna from NY, and Tanya from Seattle, Washington and Peter from Germany at our Family Constellation Work Retreat in November 2014.)

 Booking Your Retreat at the Light Retreat can be as Simple as a Couple Hours or a Three Day Retreat.  Because Each Retreat is So very Personal and Customized to the Passions of the Presenter/Instructor  and Attendees as to Space, Activity and Other Accommodations, as Food, Please Contact Carol Calvert for Cost and Availability Based on Your Passions and Requirements!

 LightingUpCharlotte@gmail.com or 704-241-6103.

Private Room and Bath

$ 75 USD

Comfy, cozy and convenient

Fully equipped with everything you need for your stay. A cozy queen size bed and private bath... night desk and light environment. 

Located just a few blocks from restaurants, cinema, theaters, clubs and the downtown arts district. Free parking, internet, healthy activated water for drinking and so much calm awaits you!

* This room is usually reserved for our speakers during 1-2-3 Retreats 



Wake-Up Happy Room

$ 75 USD

Fresh and Simple

This contemporary cozy bedroom is complete with an intimate seating arrangement, plush fabrics and clean-lined accents. This room shares an IKEA Queen so yummy and confortable bed!

 Located just a few blocks from restaurants, cinema, theaters, clubs and the downtown arts district. Free parking, internet and calm awaits you.


"Sleeping with Light Codes" Room

$ 75 USD

Transform Your Life!

Imagine a Futon by Day for You, Your Meditation and Quiet Time Facing the Light Codes and We Make Your Futon Bed by Night.  In Both Cases, You are Immersed in Dorian Light's  Light Codes on the Adjourning Wall. Our Guests Report Some Pretty Incredible Shifts During Sleep Here.  Ask Us About this Incredible Journey!

All rooms have access to Laundry facilities, full kitchen and dishes all make you feel more comfortable and make relaxing much easier


"Nature Knows" Room

$ 75 USD

Magical View

Newest Guest Room at the Light Retreat, the "Nature Knows" Room is Pond View and Fairy Grove View.  Winter Sun Light Pours into the Room with Crystal Prisms !  Meditate with Nature and  the Sun!  Over Sized IKEA Queen Sofa Bed is So Inviting, You'll Want to Sleep in Late and Get the Sun's  Rays Dancing Across Your Body!  Heavenly!  Listening to the Geese Fly in or Peeking Out to See the Deer Dart into Hiding, You'll be Transformed into a Different, Far Away Place!


Events Room

The PERFECT Place for your event, class, party, fair, seminar, meet-up, etc. Contact Carol Calvert and let her know your needs.  

Recently We Converted All Lighting in the Light Room to Full Spectrum Daylight Lighting.  This Means for You and Your Guests an Extraordinary Addition in Stress Reduction Beyond Our Light Systems and Other Energetic Devices! It's Called Healthy Sunlight! Did I Hear You Ask "Star Trek Living?"

Upcoming 1-2-3 Events at The Light Retreat

Visit our Events Page: Register Early and Secure your Spot