Just What is a Light Coaching Session?

 Self Service Light Sessions are Available in the Light Retreat for Guests by Appointment and at Friday Night Lights and Other Events.  We Will Instruct You on Placement and Settings the First Visit & Then After, You Can Come Self Service by Appointment. 


 Light Coaching Session 

$65 for 20 minutes

$95 for 40 minutes

 (approximate 1 hour session time includes two cycles of 20 minutes with coaching)

Customized Packages Available

Light Coaching Sessions are Great for Someone Who Wants to Shift into a Light Lifestyle for Health & Vitality in an Organic, Natural Way. Someone Investing in a Light Coaching Session will be Gently Guided by a Certified Light Coach Through Best Light Placement and Settings and Lifestyle Recommendations.  Many People See Benefit in Treating Themselves to a Light Coaching Package of Sessions for Writing Their Own Remedy for True Shifts in Perspective, Lifestyle  and Vitality.  One Signature of Our Emerging Culture is Light and Energetic Awareness to  Living an Awesome Life!

Light Coaching Packages can be Customized by Your Light Coach at Your First Session.  For More Info or to Schedule with a Light Coach,  Call 704-729-GLOW or Email LightingUpCharlotte@gmail.com