Max is Back in Charlotte!

                            September 30, October 1 and 2, 2016 


Having MAX in Charlotte is possible because of Carol L. Calvert & Beatrice Bates.

They've heard Max's calling and have responded by making sure that he can meet as many people who need his energy while in Charlotte. 


Many people have profound visions and psychic experiences when viewing Max . Some believe Max is an intricate computer, possibly brought from another star system and that he holds knowledge about the origin of our race and Planet Earth. 

Private Seating with MAX

You can schedule a private meeting with MAX where you will be one-on-one with him for 30 uninterrupted minutes. Note, there only so many time slots available. A private meeting is $60 and you must pre-pay in advance. Location:   Bookings occurring now.

Group Seating with MAX

You can schedule a private meeting with MAX where you and your group (2-4 people) will be with him for 30 uninterrupted minutes. Again, there only so many time slots available. A group seating is $45 per person and you must pre-pay in advance.  Bookings occurring now. 

Community Event (Group Session) with MAX ~ 

Saturday Oct 1 starting at 6 pm (2016)

At the Light Retreat Remote Location, a part of Advent Coworking at 933 Louise Ave., Charlotte, NC  28205, we like to be unpredictable, flexible and different. This will be a night of celebration with MAX as our guest of honor. The community room holds about 60 people ($25 per person) comfortably and so our registration will be closed at that number.  Book now!

Again, you must pre-pay in advance.

Crystal Skulls are rocks of quartz crystal that have been cut into the shape of a human skull. These objects are said to raise human consciousness through the power of the crystal’s molecular structure.

Legend has it that there are 13 ancient crystal skulls over the world and one day all of them will be discovered and brought together for their collective wisdom.. MAX, a wonder of the world, is the largest of them and one of the rarest artifacts ever found. Estimated to be thousands of years old, MAX was found in Guatemala and was used by Mayan priests for healing and prayer. MAX is known nationally and internationally and you may have seen him on A&E, the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and a replica in the movie Indiana Jones.

According to JoAnn, Max is a crystal skull that has been researched by many experts in the field of carving, including the British Museum in 1996. This rare artifact was given by indigenous healers to an American Buddhist healer named Norbu Chen, who later brought Max to Houston, Texas. Chen set up a healing center where Max was used as a healing spiritual tool. JoAnn met Chen through their family doctor in 1973, when their twelve year old daughter was dying of bone cancer and was given three months to live. Chen extended her daughter's life for three years with the help of Max. JoAnn ended up working for the Lama for over four years, closely watching the monks perform their healing work with Max.

“Crystal has energy and frequency; all living things have energy and frequency. Our brains have low electrical charge in brain that is measured. Touching Max, his being crystal and the way he is configured, that energy and frequency goes into electrical charge of brain altering the brain state in measurable way. Meanings for you can come in my forms, some see things, others have feelings. What is programmed in your genetic code and DNA can come forward in forms and images. So, you are actively receiving on many levels and it is profound. No need for an interpretor.”

 ~JoAnn Parks, Max Keeper 

 MAX, the Crystal Skull will be in Charlotte at the Light Retreat !

Oct  2015 

Don't miss out the opportunity of being part of MAX's Energetic Activation

 Claudia Pureco with Charlotte View Interviewed JoAnn Parks during her last visit to The Light Retreat. See it here