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Vancouver General Hospital says a pilot project using light therapy to kill harmful bacteria has reduced post-surgical infections by almost 40 per cent.

The hospital reported Wednesday on the 12-month experiment using a process called nasal photodisinfection.

"They have this treatment right before they go into the operating room for our high-risk surgeries and we've had a very high degree of acceptance by the patients," said Dr. Elizabeth Bryce, Regional Medical Director of Infection Control at Vancouver Coastal Health.

 A Google research reveals more interviews on this procedure, called MERSAid.  Nurses comment after the program has been in place beyond the offering that all patients and staff should be using this light therapy.  One nurse even comments the potential of 50% prevention measures!  One nurse speaks of using the light therapy for a patient who tests positive for MRSA or other infections and within 10 minutes after the light therapy, the patient tests negative!  Woohoo!

 Check out the nurses comments here:  http://www.vancouversun.com/health/Light+therapy+cuts+post+surgery+infections+Vancouver+General+Hospital+with+video/7694026/story.html

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