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VitalScan HRV System

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 Can you listen to your Heart Beat?

It is your heart's music and it has lyrics!

At the Light Retreat, we have a way to understand what your heart is telling about you! Think of it like a translator of the lyrics your heart is singing: The VitalScan HRV©This communication has always been there but it is too complex for the simple ear, until now.  There’s Lots of Information in Your Heart beat!  Yes, really.  Research shows massive amounts of information hidden in the 70 beats per minute or so, in fact so much you might want to sit down to finish reading this. 

·         Cardiovascular Adaptation
·         Stress Results in the Body
·         Autonomic Nervous System Regulation
·         Neuro-Hormonal Regulation
·         Psycho-Emotional States
·         Dynamics of Functional State
·         Metabolic Resources
·         Brain Toxicity
·         Neurotransmitters
·         Mineral balance
·         Hormones
·         Cortisol to DHEA levels
·         Brainwave activity
·         Aging of the body
·         Complex Bio System Analysis
·         Function of the Meridians/Chakra’s/Aura

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Proof Positive of how that body of yours is accepting life and how you are treating it! Practitioners of other modalities are welcome to come with your client and schedule a before and after HRV Vital Scan!  Practitioner rooms available for rental!      

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 A System That Evaluates the Effectiveness of Your  Treatments

This VitalScan HRV© system is designed for research and education. It can be used to see how various modalities affect the regulatory systems seen on the HRV.
Validating Before & After the Light Sessions !  Yes! 
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heart beats. It is measured by the variation in the beat to beat intervals. We call this the time domain. A healthy heart rate variability is reflected by lots of variation in the time domain between successive heart beats. This would indicate a very robust autonomic nervous system. Someone with less variation between one heart beat to the next has low heart rate variability and indicates decreased autonomic nervous system regulation. The importance of Heart Rate Variability is that it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and therefore is a window into its function. The autonomic nervous system automatically influences the visceral organs, smooth muscle such as the blood vessels and glands and obviously a big influence on the heart. There are 2 branches to the autonomic nervous system, the Sympathetic nervous system and the Parasympathetic nervous system. The Sympathetic nervous system deals with stress situations and is sometimes referred to as the fight or flight system and is triggered by any stress such as conscious or unconscious psychoemotional stress, toxins and electromagnetic influences. The opposite is the Parasympathetic nervous system and is coined the rest and digest system.

To recap, the Sympathetic nervous system is involved in mobilizing energy and resources for survival and the Parasympathetic nervous system is involved in conserving energy and is highly involved with digestion. One is the gas pedal and the other is the brakes.

The second component of Heart Rate Variability besides the time domain is the spectral analysis. The ECG is broken down into very specific frequency band widths that correspond to specific functions. Low frequency, for example, has to do with the Sympathetic nervous system and high frequency has to do with Parasympathetic nervous system function. Within these various frequency bandwidths is the proprietary information unique to the VitalScan HRV© that can tell us information about meridians and other systems of the body that other heart rate variability technologies don’t have available.  





Vital Scans Before & After Light Sessions
Attending:  Light Owners, Biofeedback Owners, Practitioners, Clinicians & the Public
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HRV Vital Scan

$ 3900 USD

Are your sessions moving your clients in the right direction?
Do you need to re-evaluate and alter the course of your work?
What effect are your sessions having on your clients?

Measuring a client's Heart Rate Variability before a therapeutic session establishes a “baseline” measure, aiding practitioners to better understand the needs of their client and to tailor therapies according to those needs.  Proceeding therapy, a second measure by the VitalScan HRV allows both practitioner and client to observe and confirm the efficacy of the therapy delivered and received.

The Vital Scan HRV is not intended for the diagnosis of disease but rather designed to educate practitioners and clients in regards to how the body's regulatory systems are maintaining based on the current internal and external environment and how they are affected by the therapy that you deliver.  When the regulatory systems are balanced and functioning at peak potential the body is better able to heal.

Clinicians:  See the recent article on the HRV Vital Scan in the NDNR Magazine October 2014 issue: 

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