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  Watch the less than 1.5 minute video to your right.  Structured water effects significant change in the blood in less than 15 minutes.  

Then take a look at the manufacturer's page results testimony:   :


  "These devices create soft water without taking the life-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium out of the water. Crystal Blue uses rare earth minerals and quartz compression to produce radiant energy frequencies that effectively reduce the surface tension and cluster size of water. This accelerates water's ability to hydrate plant and animal tissues, penetrate soils and conserve water."

                 Clean Up Your Tap Water & Reeducate Your H2O of it's Organic Maximum Potential and it's Ability to Hold More Light & Nutrients.

   At The Light Retreat We're All About Light & Energetics for Your                                         Maximum Well Being!
                   Restructure & Activate Your Tap Water
Consider joining with us and using a researched and warrantied water restructuring and activator unit that is affordable Wellness Technology to clean up your tap water and reeducate your H2O of it’s organic maximum potential and it’s ability to hold more light and nutrients .
  • pocket mini for on the go $149 (acts as massage tool as well)
  • handheld to use with your favorite dispenser $379
  • home-installed whole house $1995
  • agricultural units available too $2495 to $18,900 (worldwide research available)
  • 5-10 year mfg warranty/shipping and tax additional
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 “Many of our light team and I have been using it for almost 4 years.”  Carol Calvert 704-729-GLOW or call or text 704-241-6103


                       Shungite in Power Pack

Let's take just one component of the Power Pack found at the top and bottom fittings of all water activators, the Shungite (hollow carbon ball of crystal matrix):  Found near Lake Onega between Russia and Finland, it is called the mineral or crystal, or rock of the century.  Found by 3 Nobel Peace Price winners and named after Buckminster Fuller, the father of geodesic domes, Fullernes are carbon molecules composed of even amount of atoms, which these carbon ions enable shungite to open, save and receive ionic information with our body.  Let's talk biological date in levels that make pathological changes in living organisms disappear and return to normal healthy state...non drug, non chemical, simply ball of carbon dissolved in water.  It corrects structure and harmonized the biofield!  Interestingly, scientists call Schungite medicine for the 21st Century.  Interestingly, The size of the fullerene molecule included in shungite is 1nm. This is three times smaller than DNA and hundred times smaller than a virus. Fullerene molecule passes the cell without damaging the membrane. This could explain the healing properties of shungite.  Think restructuring water!  And our bodies are 85% water, right?  

Shungite or Schgunite, either way you choose to spell this miracle find,  the Russians and Europeans have done much research.  In fact, online there is an NIH abstract, shows schungite as a shield decreased severity of damage in mice receiving electromagnetism.


Structured Water FAQ.pdf Structured Water FAQ.pdf
Size : 115.617 Kb
Type : pdf

Vortex Action Neutralizes:  

Fluoride ~Chlorine~Pesticides~Herbicides~Heavy Metals~Unpleasant Odors~Harmful VOC's~Iron Oxide (rust)~Pharmaceuticals~Harmful Contaminants

In Conjunction with Vortex Action, Provides Necessary Mineral Pitches and Alkalinity.

Frequency Transfer Explained

Each natural element of the Periodic Table within the Water Restructuring Unit has a specific role to play in supporting and enhancing life processes.

Each mineral, crystal and sonic waveform encased within the pressurized wrap that surrounds the vortex chamber of the water unit has a role to play in cell support.

As water flows through the Triangular Vortex Flow unit equipped with the Pressurized Mineral Wrap, it is transformed into a structured state ideally suited for absorbing the full array of information contained within the mineral wrap.

What is taking place within the unit is a literal wireless information download into the water as the water passes through the energized chamber.

The download of information represents the transfer of light energy which emanates from the chamber into the water.

Tightly packed within the walls of every Crystal Blue Water Structuring unit is a proprietary blend of various crystals (hence the name "Crystal" Blue), selected rare earth minerals, 12 different types of sun dried sea vegetation, calcium montimorillinite clay, powdered Shungite, filtered ocean water and a unique paramagnetic substance that we call "Power Rock." 

      The information is the energy signature of each substance contained within the chamber and each substance has a particular frequency which represents it's function. This amazing process takes place without the water ever coming into physical contact with the mineral wrap.

The phenomena of frequency transfer is the natural means by which all matter in its various forms receives, stores and transmits information which travels from one source to another via electromagnetic waves.

These waves of energy can be measured to determine their frequency which indicates the source and type of information being transmitted.

This is the means by which cells are able to communicate with such speed and efficiency. It is a principle which has been proved, confirmed and verified by renowned scientists around the world. (See our research page for reference material).

Science reveals that cells are sustained, energized and repaired via light energy which is carried into all life forms by food and water as well as via energy emanations from all forms of matter on, below and above the earth.

Consequently, the "Water Activator" is harnessing light energy emanating from the pressurized (turbo charged) chamber thus optimizing the volume, diversity and quality of light energy being carried into plants, animals, soils and people resulting in increased productivity and health.

The "Water Activator" is a significant improvement over all previous water structuring units designed and built by Crystal Blue Enterprises.

         Our POWER WRAP Have Shungite in them, too!  And so much more!


The Power Wrap provides the body with a wide array of subtle energies, all of which the body harnesses for thousands of functions necessary for maintaining health. These subtle energies seem to work to flush out toxins, strengthen the immune system and feed cells with good energy. The energy emanating from the mineral wrap is perpetual and will not diminish over time.

Pain Reduction - Many users report a substantial decrease, and in some instances even a complete elimination of joint and muscular pain.
The entire concept of the Power Wrap came about as a result of our research and development in an effort to improve the performance of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units.

For many years we had been observing how nature revitalizes and replenishes itself, and we sought to simply mimic that process. Following in the footsteps of others, we perfected a method of copying the natural flow patterns in nature that we can all easily see around us. We then began to look into the vital role that the various mineral elements and organic substances play in revitalizing water and our environment. It is from this research that we developed our proprietary Frequency Transfer Technology which enables us to impart the healing energetic imprints of life directly into all of our products.

The Power Wrap contains a proprietary blend of virtually all of the healthy elements of the Periodic Table, as well as piezoelectric quartz which has been infused with natural healing and balancing frequencies - all of which have a specific role to play in sustaining life and in serving to clean, feed and protect all living cells in plants, animals and people.

Blood and water both churn, spiral and spin as they flow down a stream or within the body and these movements keep the fluids structured and vitalized. Water and blood are both exposed to life-enhancing elements, minerals and other organic substances as they flow. One primary purpose of blood flow, besides carrying nutrients and removing cellular wastes, is to transport beneficial information to all of the cells in the body, be it plant, animal or human.

What we have determined is that neither water or blood require direct contact with these elements, minerals or organic substances in order to be influenced by them. Simply being in close proximity to the mineral and organic elements is enough to effect a profound change. That is not to say however, that the vortexing motions of nature do not also have an equally as profound effect on water and blood, contrary to what some other companies selling static systems are now saying.

Water and blood both serve as energetic pathways for wireless communication between cells, much like communication between cellphone users - only better. Water and blood facilitate communication between cells and structuring of the fluid enhancing the information exchange that is vital for the efficient operation of life systems, whether they be plants, animals or people.

Jeffrey Riggins, Mfg

         Crystal Blue Enterprises

                 Water Activator

All of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring devices produce a natural phenomenon known as piezoelectricity in much the same way that a piece of quartz crystal will generate electricity when squeezed in your hand.

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Smart Restructured Water

"Research shows your body actually consists of over 99 percent water molecules! Now if you can restructure water in your body so that these molecules hold more light, nutrients, etc..indefinitely..well, isn't that the fountain of youth!" Carol Calvert

Structured Water FAQ.pdf Structured Water FAQ.pdf
Size : 115.617 Kb
Type : pdf

This is a side view of the Water Activator, so you can see the activator beads. 

The Light Retreat Pond Activator Was Installed in April 2015.  We have after 6 weeks, clear water from 8-10 ft. out all around the edges of this 1/4 acre pond.  Keep abreast of our Light Retreat Pond Water Restructuring Project here!  More to follow.  Imagine the wildlife's pleasures of such intelligent, healthy water?!


Vortex Action Neutralizes:




Heavy Metals

Unpleasant Odors

Harmful VOCs

Iron Oxide (rust)

The myriad of drugs unfiltered from city water

Harmful contaminants

 “Remember tap water has no life force. The portable water activator puts the spin back in. It follows that contact with the energetic properties affect the spin ratio of the blood as well."

Whole House Available

Agricultural, Pond Activators Available

 5 Yr Parts ~ 10 Year Life 

No Filters ~ No Maintenance 

Inside the water activator

"The spinning vortex creates an electrical charge which then generates an electromagnetic field, transforming tap water into something very different than ordinary liquid. This extremely pure water exhibits greater health benefits." 

 Drink Water & Align Your Chakras!!!

 Water Study with GDV & Tesla Energy Lights

GDV Testing = The Science of Measuring  Human Wellness = Bio-Electography

 Vortex Technology

 Research : 

 More Research Showing Restructured Water Effects in the Body:

Dr.Gerald Pollack (USA), Bioengineer
Dr. Gerald Pollack, a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, is involved in ground-breaking water research. Dr. Pollack started his career studying the physiology of muscle contraction and began wondering why common theories and knowledge did not incorporate water into the mechanisms of contraction – despite 99% of the composition of muscle tissue consisting of water molecules. Realizing that research and textbooks have largely overlooked the presence of water and its role in our organs, muscles and tissues, Dr. Pollack launched an ongoing inquiry into the phenomena of water and its role in cell biology. He determined that without understanding this relationship we will never be able to fully understand how cells function. Scientists had long neglected the study of water, thinking that we have water all figured out. According to Dr. Pollack, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, “those in the field know that it’s absolutely not true. We haven’t a clue how water works,” he says. “In our lab, we’ve been focusing mainly on water structure near interfaces. The body, of course, is filled with interfaces. Inside the cell, it’s mainly proteins, nucleic acids, and salts. They’re all interfacing with water. So the central question is: what happens when water interfaces with those constituents? Does it change? Does it remain the same? This is where we’ve made some important discoveries.” At Greenfield Naturals, the dynamics and principles uncovered by Dr. Pollack’s research are being applied to the construction of our Water Activation Units.


Dr.Konstantin Korotkov (Russia), Physicist & Inventor
The Gas Discharge Visualization or Electrophotonic Camera was developed by Professor Konstantin Korotkov at St Petersburg Technical University in 1996. Photon and electron emissions from an object’s surface are stimulated by electrical impulses. This results in an electronic avalanche effect that creates a series of impulses called “sliding gas discharge”. The Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera is named after this well-known physical phenomenon. The discovery that, like other objects, humans also emit light when subject to electro-magnetic fields is not new. Nicola Tesla discovered this effect in 1880; and the work of Semyon Kirlian in Russia during the 1940s is also well documented. What is unique about the GDV technique is that the visual discharge can be photographed using powerful digital cameras and then analyzed by sophisticated computer software. Professor Korotkov and his team have shown that GDV parameters such as intensity, area and form, are distinct between various objects. Different objects display a different glow. In people, their unique GDV image reflects the activity of the autonomic nervous system and provides insights into the physiological and psychological states of the subject. In water, GDV imaging has been successfully used to determine the level of energy present in the water molecules that is available to benefit everything within it area of influence. Structured water consistently displays a significant increase in photonic activity as compared to any other type of water.

Krishna Madappa (USA), Co-Founder, The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability
Born and raised in the Andaman Islands, Bharat, India and educated in India, the United States and Russia in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Ayurveda and Bio-Field sciences, Krishna explores the integrative science of Whole Being Wellness. As a Holistic Consultant, Krishna is dedicated to awakening and heightening awareness through studies of human energy fields, essential oils, sound, light and water, including structured water. Krishna travels around the world to lecture and to facilitate experiential learning intensives, corporate wellness workshops, water research intensives and retreats, as well as small group and individual sessions. He has been enriching and empowering the lives of all he meets for over three decades. Krishna’s lectures, seminars, and retreats on integrated well-being demonstrate how Vedic wisdom and Ayurvedic principles and practices can be incorporated into our daily lives in order to live an inspired, enriched and empowered lifestyle. He demonstrates how the use of GDV imaging, essential oils, water and mindful daily practices enhance the process of mind-body-spirit integration. Krishna seeks to convey the basic principle of, “Light to LIFE and Life to LIGHT.” His Institute’s advisory team, chaired by Dr.Konstantin Korotkov, conducts research into diverse areas of study including water, consciousness studies, agriculture, sports, and space measurements and more. Krishna is an advisor to The International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography; is an active member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine; a trustee at Southwestern College of Tranformational Medicine; a member of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges; an advisor to GATHS (Global alliance for Traditional Health Systems); and is a member of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development. Most recently he co-founded the Global Alliance for Integral Development with Brazilian colleagues, whose mission is to further the development of sustainable, empowered communities.

Vladimir Voeikov (Russia), Biochemistry
Dr. Vladimir Voeikov received his Diploma in Biology (Biophysics) and his Ph.D. in Biophysics at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. He worked as a Research Fellow of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and then as Assistant Professor of the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. From 1978 to 1979 he conducted research in the Department of Biochemistry and Medicine at Duke University, followed by serving as Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Biology (Research and Development). Since 1979 he has been an Associate Professor and Vice-Chairman of the Chair of Bioorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, and a Senior Researcher at M.M. Shemyakin and Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Voeikov has authored/co-authored over 200 publications. Among these are major contributions to the scientific understanding of water, the world’s most important and abundant substance. His work provides ongoing inspiration to the team and can be reviewed online at


Structured Water Fact

Viscosity is the internal friction of a fluid or gas, or a liquid's resistance to penetration. 

Viscosity is measured in dynes. To pass through the cell membrane water must be 48 dynes or less. Structured water is 42 dynes. Tap water is 72 dynes.   

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