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 Visionary Carol Calvert says "We are committed to growing the community and  getting the community into the lights. What a better way than during community events?"

Living Wellology Session



Announcing the Launch of Our The    Peace Matrix Mat at The Light                                  Retreat!

Finding Your Peace Just Got Really Personal!

 Imagine a Way to Access Your Quiet Place for Meditation & Yoga or Just Recover, Renew or Be Inspired.  At The Light Retreat, We've Created Your Home Unit for Constant Access Beginning with a Plus Yoga Mat, featuring deeply rooted 340 Violet LED Diodes and An Omh Pack Along the Chakra Line of Proprietary Blend of Organic Life Vibrating at 432 Hertz, the Heartbeat of Our Planet.  Simply Be with It! 

We're excited that just a handful of people have experienced The Matrix Mat recently.

Finding Peace Just Got Really Personal!  is Our Motto.  People Ask How Do You Stop the Mind's Chatter, How Do You Stop the Chaos Around Us from All the Changing Economic, Political, War & Racial & Other Various Social Strife, Drastic Climate and Weather Changes.  How Do You Feel Peace When Life Feels So Wildly Stressful?  Our Mission is to Set the Stage for You to Begin to Touch that Peaceful Place You'll Find Within On a Regular Basis. Our Light Spa Guests Have Experienced Many Shifts!  Enjoy and For More Information on How You Can Experience or Invest in The Peace Mat, visit www.ThePeaceMat.com Call 704-241-6103 LightingUpCharlotte@gmail.com.


Yes, I'd Like to Experience The Peace Matrix Mat.

 HRV Vital Scan, A Health & Vitality Snapshot of What's Happening in Your Body Systems Before and After the Lights is Available Now at The Light Retreat!  Consider having a Light Party with You and 4 of Your Friends.  You Name the Time and Day (3 hour Light Party).  Evenings and Weekends Available, too.   

 Call to Schedule 704-729-GLOW!


             Can 30 minutes on The Matrix Mat change up your life?  
Ask Jan Jenson
  Retired Steel Worker, Photographer & Light Coach, And so much more
"I've been purging and moving stuff out of my house and moving into my 31 ft. motor home so I can fulfill a 35 year dream to travel in my own RV and see more of the USA. I've... been beyond exhausted most nights for the past 2 weeks and so sore I can't find a comfortable way to lay in bed. Yesterday I remembered the peace mat - tucked into a corner on the back side of my bed in the motor home...
so my helper and I laid on it for about 30 minutes each... AHHHHH... RELIEF! The knots in my back and arms and legs literally disappeared in less than 15 minutes and everything felt like I was sinking into the peace mat! I felt like a bowl of jello when I got up and slept the BEST night's sleep - in over a year!
J J's friend, Dave who helped her move: My helper Dave has a very bad back and one leg is shorter than the other by about an inch and a half. He's always beating himself up and pretending he isn't crippled (he's on disability too), so he's been really aching after all the hauling and lugging stuff we've done the past 2 weeks. Taking turmeric helps us both (a LOT)... and reluctantly he tried the peace mat last night too... WOW!!! Came out of his mouth in less than 10 minutes on the mat and when 30 minutes was up, he was just blown away by how GOOD he felt... and said he slept ALL NIGHT for the first time in several years! Those peace mats sure are AMAZING and are INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE!"


              Stay Tuned for New Event Venue !                                Your Location Light Party

      What Your Light Party Group Can Expect:  

  • Before & After Snapshot of Stress with HRV Vital Scan
  • Light Pads Sessions
  • The Peace Mat with Brain Tap Technology
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Living Wellology lamp Running Continuously
  • Continuous Restructured Activated Water
  • Biofeedback in advance set up
  • Medical Reiki Master sessions advance set up

"Get Your Light On" with 5 of Your Friends $80 Each, You Go Free!