Holistic Medicine in Mainstream Healthcare

 There are prominent and influential Western leaders emerging in the field of energy medicine. At the Light Retreat we are partnering with many such leaders in the firm belief that soon there will be no barriers between them but a complimentary, comprehensive, and holistic approach to Healthcare.

Holistic medicine is based on the core belief that unconditional love is life’s most powerful healer. At its essence, the practice of holistic medicine embraces a spirit of interdisciplinary and physician-patient cooperation; balances the mitigation of causes with relief of symptoms; integrates conventional and complementary therapies; and facilitates the experience of being fully alive.

At The Light Retreat, we are known as the innitiators of change and 'playground" to try the latest in energy research and technology. We are constantly growing our partnership with developers of light therapy systems, water energy activators, brainwave frequency and light devices,etc. It is at present that we have included the HRV Vital Scan, a technology to fully academically test before-and-after the use of this modalities