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   For six months in 2005, I had the opportunity to experience introducing physicians to an energetic modality that for years in mainstream medicine had an area called classical biofeedback and on my side of the fence, it was called quantum biofeedback.  Mostly PhD's with backgrounds in psychology or neurology, etc were engaging in this classical phenomenon.  For me, I was hooked, I remember the CEO of ONDAMED, the quantum biofeedback company looking me straight in the eye and saying, "Become one with the biofeedback."  Little did I know, it was a real direction for me.  A Reiki Master at the time, knowing full well that the energy body existed and it's intelligence to direct the physical body was still a concept for regular medicine "to wrap itself around."  Zoom ahead  a year and I am full time in biofeedback doing sessions for the public with The SCIO Biofeedback.  Zoom ahead to four years ago and technology advances and you have me working with the SRC4You Biofeedback service. And 2017 onward, I use biofeedback remotely (have 3 systems running often) and I consider it an important alternative or addition with our lights and energetic modalities.  The SRC4You works on the body from the inside out!

What is Biofeedback? Biofeedback is a type of complementary and alternative medicine called mind- body therapy. Biofeedback is a treatment technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies.  Physical therapists use biofeedback to help stroke victims regain movement in paralyzed muscles.  Psychologists use it to help tense and anxious clients learn to relax.  Specialists in many different fields use biofeedback to help their patients cope with pain."

 Once again, I call it retraining for the body, mind, spirit complex through introducing light body and body vibrations for tissue, etc back to the areas needed.

 I have purposefully not advertised biofeedback, because I have a full plate with the lights and The Light Retreat. During Light Spa sessions, clients have had option to book ahead for biofeedback.  I now am being guided to add this to our site.  Feel free to call me with questions.  I will only do biofeedback from time to time for you, as I have saved it for my family, friends in need.  Sessions with the SRC4You are specific to your requests, yet broad how the body interprets what it needs.  Sessions can range from a couple hours to 24-72 hour remote sessions.  

Pricing is $100.00. Some people may need multiples sessions (8 sessions for $600.00) 

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Call me for testimonials over the years.  

Recently, KM, from Charlotte was suffering from affects of drugs in her system, drugs to which her body obviously was having reaction.  I instructed Kathy to drink plenty of healthy water and take care of herself and I began the session, again sending into the body what it was asking for in information for balance.  KM's response two days later, "I don't even know what biofeedback is, but I have to tell you, I have energy and I feel good and I walked today on the greenway.  I called the doctor and she took me off the drugs, except one."   Energetic balancing for our body, mind, spirit complex is complicated and biofeedback talks this same language.

 For clinician inquiries on having your own SRC4You biofeedback, give me a call .  704-241-6103 (text as well) or  

 "How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t know what’s wrong, I’m just ‘OFF’!” 

It’s a juggling act. The stress caused from trying to keep the balls from hitting the ground can be overwhelming.

What to do? For centuries Qi Gong has been known to enhance relaxation, stress reduction and exercise programs. The literal translation of Qi Gong: “life energy cultivation”. Sounds good!

Today we can enhance the effects of Qi Gong using 21st Century Technology. It’s called SRC4U. "


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What stories are you sticking to that are keeping you from moving forward in your life? #BiofeedbackUnravelsWhatwe #believethatisnotso: resistance, fear, self worth issues, trauma thinking, not making decisions, ego getting in the way of love, feeling overwhelmed...and so much more. Biofeedback shows us where you hold this misinformation in your body, mind, spirit complex and choices of unblocking, if you so desire. I'm offering 2 free sessions. Find out how!  Limited offer.  Pay Here