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'The Silver Dept. - Vixens & Foxes'

'Beauty in Silver'

I seek to portray that grey is a natural progression of female beauty, a testimony to the mature feminine, full of grace and poise… through my lens I see it as a conscious transition of beauty, the grand phase of your life; I seek to empower all women who are in this transition by showing them how gorgeous this new color is, as it is a color to me, full of vibrance and not 50, but a millio...n shades of not gray but silver, the color of the stars!

I want to help emphasize your outer beauty by bringing forth your inner radiance & shine.
You are at the top of your life, mature, in your power, the matriarch of your family, looking back on what you have created over a lifetime and how far you have traveled in this life, the aware and gorgeous being you have become!

Portrait couture for the mature silver haired woman - by herself or with her mother, daughter or best friend.
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"So, beauty is different for everyone, to me it comes largely from the inside, it shows, it shines through, it radiates, oftentimes covered up more but then again I like peeling onions, until i get it, that shot they didn’t see themselves! Smiles! "

                                             Ben Winkler

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"In keeping with the Light Retreat's mission of providing the community with energetic and soul growth events and after watching Ben's work and how he addresses that for the over 50 and fabulous, I was certain this event needed to happen!" Carol Calvert

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