Small Animal Health 

 Animals are instinctively drawn to the light - their innate intelligence knows what's best for a healthy existence.

Isabella, Michelle and Ruth were instrumental in getting light into York County Humane Society February 9th, 2013.

Light Therapy is used in medical settings for burn treatment, wound healing, joint and muscle pain, sports injuries, etc. It works because the body’s tissue can absorb this type of light at a cellular level, converting it to cellular energy (known as ATP). Many studies have shown that this energy accelerates activity in the mitochondria (the part of the cell that generates protein, collagen, and healing materials) as well as improving blood flow in the area being treated, speeding healing and minimizing pain.

 You will see Family of Light Owners in places sharing wherever needed. Animal Shelters are definitely on our list. Thank you Girls!!!

    • Reduces pain and swelling
    • Increases lymphatic activity
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Accelerates cell regeneration
    • Increases circulation
    • Relaxes muscles
    • Increases anti-viral properties
    • Encourages collagen production
    • Regulates serotonin levels


  • Reduces Inflamation & Swelling
  • Relaxes Muscles and Stimulates Nerve Transmission
  • Stimulates Acupuncture Points
  • Stimulates the Immune Response
  • Provides relief of minor aches and pains
  • Increases Circulation
  • Improves Range of Motion
  • Stimulates Connective Tissue Production (part of wound and tissue healing)
  • Increases RNA and DNA synthesis
  • Stimulates Adenosine Ttriphosphate (ATP) for Increased Energy
  • Reduces Stress from Trailering


 Treating The Whole Horse 

The Equine Light System is a unique therapeutic system proven effective for over 18 years in the assessment and treatment of various equine ailments and injuries.

There are two major components of the system: the equine scanner used to locate soreness, inflammation and injuries, plus the equine therapy unit-Equine Light. This system generates and delivers photodynamic light precisely tuned to specific frequencies that studies have shown accelerate the healing process in horses.

This state-of-the-art system has been proven effective with all breeds of horses. The technology has been used on some of the world's most elite equine athletes and is also perfect for any individual's trusted trail horse. The "Equine Light" is very user friendly and is the most effective equine therapy system on the market today. 

The Complete Equine Therapy System

Equine Lights System with No Lights
  • Accurate, consistent results
  • Audible & visual indicators
  • Adjustable for different conditions
  • All digital circuitry!
  • Reliable & easy to use
  • 5-hour battery use between charges
  • Contains Head Therapy Unit
  • Contains both Scanner and Equine Therapy Unit (ETU)
  • NEW Power Lights included, much more effective and user friendly than any other system on the market.
  • Auto shut-off
  • Leather cases with adjustable belts
  • Marker and sponge for grounding included
  • Charger with ‘full charge’ indicator
  • Virtually indestructible carrying case, guaranteed for life!
  • GREATLY updated technology compared to any other units on the market. And, a lot less expensive than any other system on the market.
  • Complete training video, training booklet and treatment manual is provided, with Excellent Customer Service by email or phone.

Equine Light is a Two-Part System

First, there is the SCANNER, which is a device that allows you to go over the horse’s body, externally, and pinpoint exactly where any problems exist. The SCANNER emits a micro current of electricity which neither you nor the horse can feel. That current is used to measure the resistance in the tissue it contacts. High resistance means normal, healthy tissue. Low resistance means there is something wrong in the area. The Scanner will measure the health of bone, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue, and organs.

When a problem is detected, the SCANNER beeps to indicate the location. The strength of the beep varies to determine the severity of each problem found. (Loud, shrill beeps indicate a more severe problem than a softer beep.) The SCANNER does NOT DIAGNOSE PHYSICAL PROBLEMS. It simply LOCATES where problems exist and each problem area is marked with a green crayon. If you think you have a hock problem, scan the hock. If the Scanner beeps, there IS a hock problem. If not, the problem is elsewhere.

We ALWAYS scan the entire horse, not just the area that SEEMS to be causing the problem. As we all know, pain can be referred to different areas of our bodies, and this is very true of horses, since all of their movements are on the diagonal. We cannot tell you how many times a horse seems lame on the front right leg, and the actual problem is detected in the back or the hip which causes the front leg to become lame. This means that the horse may be compensating for the pain in his hip or back with his front end. 

The Scanner

Equine Lights System Scanner
  • Accurate, consistent results
  • Audible & visual indicators
  • Adjustable for different conditions
  • All digital circuitry!
  • Reliable & easy to use
  • 5-hour battery use between charges
  • Auto shut-off
  • Leather case with adjustable belt
  • Marker and sponge for grounding, included
  • Human ground included
  • Charger with ‘full charge’ indicator
  • All redesigned, digital circuitry and a much more user friendly unit than other company offers!

As the SCANNER goes over the body, it may beep due to direct measurement of unhealthy tissue, or it may beep due to finding an ‘active’ acupuncture point. A beep for either reason would indicate there is a problem relating to the part of the body. It could be internal or external on the horse. It does not matter if the Scanner beeps due to an acupuncture point or a sore muscle.

We are NOT to diagnose these problems (unless you are a doctor of acupuncture). All that matters is that the Scanner has located a problem! The labeling of each problem found is not as important as the fact that you have now located each area causing a physical problem in the horse. Of the thousands of horses scanned, we NEVER found just ONE problem. We ALWAYS locate at least several problems, and often hundreds of physical problem areas in the horses.

Each time the SCANNER beeps, indicating a problem, we mark the spot with a water crayon, so we know where to treat after we finish scanning. After you have scanned a whole horse (which takes about 20-30 minutes), it is amazing to see the number of green dots. You may have marked obvious sore muscles, the outline of a saddle that may not fit correctly, or an obvious fall pattern.


The ETU (Equine Therapy Unit)

Equine Lights System ETU
  • All digital circuitry
  • The most modern and powerful treatment unit on the market today
  • Highly audible, adjustable timer
  • Programmable treatment frequencies
  • 3 1/2 to 4-hour battery use between charges
  • Runs two 49 diode POWER LIGHTS,consisting of red and infra-red diodes of the highest quality available
  • Auto shut-off
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Long-life, heavy duty, interchangeable cables
  • Leather case with adjustable belt
  • Charger with ‘full charge’ indicator
  • All redesigned digital circuitry, and so much more User Friendly than other company offers!

The first step is to Scan and mark the ENTIRE horse. After doing so, he will have dots on his body indicating the areas causing him problems at this point in time… The second step is to treat the horse by applying the light to the areas identified by the Scanner. Hold the hand held Equine Therapy Units (one in each hand) over two dots in close proximity. Each ETU contains red and infrared light to stimulate the horse’s body to heal itself. The ETU’s will emit a beep after 20-30 secs (you set the duration) indicating therapy on those spots is complete for now. Then you move on to the next spots and follow this process until you have treated all the spots on the horse.

This may be a new concept to you, but using certain wavelengths and colors of light as a healing modality is actually quite common in Europe and other countries. The validity of light therapy has been proven in clinical tests by governmental agencies, many universities, as well as NASA. We are most happy to provide you with studies that validate the use of Light Therapy to heal the body where other modalities have failed.

Our lights are pulsed at 7 different frequencies. Each frequency is used to treat a certain type of injury to the body. Our ETU is so much superior to other light therapy units on the market today for many reasons. First, because we are the only company that builds our units with digital frequencies. Secondly you may program up to 3 different frequencies at a time. Third, you may vary the time interval. Fourth, our lights are pulsed at different frequencies. We cannot reiterate how important it is to have the lights PULSED. This is what stimulates the body to heal itself.

If you purchase a less expensive unit that does NOT pulse their lights, you can actually do harm to an animal, or a human. Non-pulsed lights can deliver TOO much light and over stimulate the body.

And, believe it or not, WE are the Only Company that can offer you a completely digital unit that can SCAN the ENTIRE HORSE and LOCATE the problems within the body. No one else can offer you a Scanner such as this, and the SCANNER is the key to finding the problems! Our engineer holds the patent on this technology, so know that you are getting the finest, most powerful and dependable product on the market today.


This shows a horse being scanned while the Head Therapy Unit ("Happy Hat") is used on his head. The Head unit not only treats the problems in the poll, (usually from halter trauma) but creates an endorphin release that relaxes the horse. Each green dot is an area where the Scanner indicated a problem. This horse had a recent fall, indicated by the large number of green dots all over the side of his neck. 

The Power Lights

Power Lights
  • Treats more than twice the area of the original clusters
  • Has almost twice the power of the original clusters and has no glass facing or metal snap rings to fuss with.
  • Ergonomically designed so it is easy to hold and use.
  • Rugged construction for long term reliability.
  • Contains 24 red diodes and 25 infrared diodes--the original clusters had only 30 diodes!
  • These rugged, powerful user friendly power lights make treating a horse more effective and in less time.


The Head Therapy Unit (aka "Happy Hat")

Equine Lights Hat Pad
  • The Head Therapy Unit operates on 3 AA batteries
  • Pulsed red light, delivered at frequencies 5 and 3
  • Frequencies alternate automatically @1 minute intervals
  • Relieves halter trauma, every horse has halter trauma. In addition it also has lights placed directly above acupuncture points related to sinus and breathing problems, often prevalent in horses due to their capacity for nasal breathing only.
  • This product releases endorphins, which have a tendency to CALM the horse down. Farriers love to use this unit on horses that are hard to keep calm.
  • Lovingly called the Happy Hat!
  • A completely redesigned unit; with diodes specifically placed so the horse's sinuses, neck and TMJ problems are immediately helped.


Additional light pads available in the Equine Light system.

The Equine Light - Additional Pads

Ankle SaverThe Hock SaverTendon Saver
The Ankle SaverThe Hock SaverThe Tendon Saver


That is a quick overview of the SCANNER whichtakes the guesswork out of knowing what is going on with the horse. Knowing where to treat, not guessing. The Light Therapy Products use safe, non-invasive light therapy to stimulate the body to heal without drugs or other more invasive treatments. And please understand we are not against using drugs when necessary. However, as a culture, we have gotten far too used to a drug as the ‘quick fix’. If you can solve a problem without using drugs, wouldn’t you want to use that option?

The whole Scanner process is so user friendly thatanyone can do it. Whether you are a veterinarian or an ordinary horse person, the Scanner can improve the performance of your horses in whatever activity they do. It can save money by avoiding unnecessary blocking, hock injections, and other less specific evaluation tools.

Years of work in this venue has given the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious Veterinary Centers and with some of the best Vets in the world, not to mention work with some of the most incredible horses we all see in the magazines. That experience, combined with the engineering and manufacturing resources of our extremely proficient and educated engineer, have combined to produce a new line of products that are far and above, the best, most effective and most USER FRIENDLY products of this type that are available today.  

 This horse is very calm and relaxed while his back legs are being scanned. Firstly, he is calm because the Head Therapy Unit has released relaxing endorphins into his system. Secondly, he realizes that it is NOT a threat to him and is not going to hurt him. Horses are incredibly intuitive creatures, and when they understand that the human is attempting to help them, they will willingly accept that help. We have never been injured while working on a horse's back legs.

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